Žurnalui „Tenisas“ - LTS apdovanojimas

Todėl tikimės, kad rasime savo skaitytoją, kuris žengs kartu su mumis, patars, jei darysime ką netaip, kartu džiaugsis Lietuvos teniso pergalėmis, padės drauge atlaikyti nesėkmių kirčius, kitokiu žvilgsniu pažvelgs į teniso ir tenisininkų kasdienybę, istoriją, ateitį. Įvertins teniso madas, išklausys specialistų patarimų, galbūt net išvys save nuotraukose iš turnyrų Lietuvoje ir užsienyje, sužinos, kur arčiausiai namų gali žaisti tenisą. Tokiu atveju varžovai turi teisę nebeatmušti kamuoliuko, nes jūs jiems sutrukdėte pasakydami reikšmingą frazę, ir sustabdyti žaidimą. Tačiau jei varžovai žaidžia toliau, jūs taip pat tęsiate žaidimą, kol sužaidžiamas taškas. Po sužaisto taško prieštaravimų būti nebegali. daugiau...

Tips to play tennis better

Many people play tennis because it is one of the best sports they can try all year. Whether you are curious about the secrets of the famous players, or you seek an entertaining activity for all your family, there is no doubt that you should check out these tips which can improve your strategies and make you feel at ease on the court field.

One of the first things you must take into account before you start your game is a good warm-up. There is nothing better than a few stretches that will prepare your legs, shoulders and nervous system for the tennis challenges. Plan a routine that works best for you and spend some minutes with a set of dynamic exercises so that you do not pull a muscle.

There are many players that only think about the ball and forget about the importance of the feet movement and balance. Make sure you have a stable posture whenever you hit the ball and stay agile because this will generate more power for your attack and your torso can easily swing on due to the firm feet you have planted on the ground.

It is essential that you use the entire court when you return or serve the ball to your opponent. Every one of your strokes should vary in length and direction because you can catch your adversary off-guard with a short ball in the vicinity of the nest. Keep in mind that you must take advantage of the corners and lines of the court because this will make things harder for the other player.

Given the fact that the serve is a great tool that can bring you valuable points, you should diversify its speed, length and spin for the best results. Although it may sound difficult now, after you practice more you will see the benefits of it. Invest in your training and make certain you apply the newly learnt tricks for an amazing tennis match!

„Sport1 Tennis Cup 2010“, Vilnius